Using Non-Alcohol Disinfectant is the way to go!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

We have all been living with this pandemic for well over a year now. If you are not tired of alcohol sanitizers your hands are sure tired of them already. Alcohol has a major drying effect on your skin and it removes the natural oils that protects and keeps your skin moisturized. Occasional use of alcohol sanitizers is OK but its been a year and day in day our we sanitize our hands in them.

Many have switch to non-alcohol and non-chemical based alternatives.

Electrolyzed Water aka Hypochlorous Solution come through as the star in this category as they are Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, safe around babies and pets, and Eco-friendly, Electrolyzed Water is so safe it does no harm even if you get splashed in the eye or accidently drink it.

Widely used as a sanitizer in the food industry, Electrolyzed Water has a 100 year history in its making. Unknown to us until this pandemic perhaps the best well kept secret in the food industry until now.

The great news is Home generators OR Personal Home units are now available that are more affordable than those used in food manufacturing facilities.

HOMEGUARD Electrolyzed Water makers is one of the leading brand and product available now. Made in Korea as a Medical Device in the American Market, Homeguard is now available also in Malaysia due to the growing demand for non-chemical and non-alcohol based sanitizers.

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